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I'm Charlotte aka Charlie
Cheeky Life Coach and Brand Consultant

You're on the edge of glory

And you're waiting on a moment of truth.

You are tired of waiting for someone else to tell you what to do with your life.

Your moment has arrived.

It's time to kick down the doors of unbelief and  live fully with every inch of your being. 

For you have been fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

Meet Charlotte


Wassup, I'm Charlie

Charlotte aka Charlie is the founder of Wassup Charlie, a life coaching and brand consultancy practice - coaching rockstar women and brands who are ready to write the next chapter of their journey and define success on their own terms. Charlie spent 17 years building brands and teams across diverse industries including Nespresso, Aesop and Tupperware. She experienced a 'half time' moment in 2022 and realised that if she could drop everything she was doing, she would want to spend the rest of her life's work lifting people up. She sees herself as a wave that lifts women up, a spark that ignites inspiration and a lime-coloured highlighter that brings attention to the most important facets of her clients. She is also a foodie, an avid baker and a mom to 3, aged 9, 12 and 42. Okay... the 42 year-old is her husband.

Find out what Charlie can do for you or your brand:

Book a chemistry session to explore what life coaching is like OR have a coffee chat about your dreams for your brand.

Currently training at 

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Brands I have worked with


    Be yourself; Everyone else
    is already taken.
    - Oscar Wilde -



    Life Coaching

    Life is too short to wait for someone or something to happen. This is your moment to kick down that door between you and your dream. You have everything within you to become your Most Incredible Self Ever. Self Confidence, Mental Clarity and Increased Motivation.

    Book a Chemistry Session with me to find out what coaching is like and if it's the right fit for you.

    Preview 6- or 12-session plans to see what benefits consistent coaching can bring you.

    Life Coaching
    • A 90-min video call for the full experience of coaching and all your q...

      1 hr 30 min

    • Butterflies take time to transform - so do you

      1 hr

      From USD$200/session
    Chemistry Session


    Charlotte's passion to help elevate people is enchanting. The unique coaching style combining high empathy, leadership, and human connection is second to none.

    Tomas L., Singapore


    People don't buy what you do.
    They buy why you do it.
    - Simon Sinek -



    Brand Consultancy

    Each brand has its unique personality and style, and deserves a custom formula for success. I offer my time to understand what makes your brand tick, train your teams to impact your customers and provide a global brand perspective.


    Curious? Let's meet over a coffee or find out more about other ways we can work together.

    Brand Consultancy Services
    • Let's find out what empowers you or your brand to stand out and leave ...

      45 min

    • Find out how to make your personal brand work for you

      2 hr

    • For teams - understand how branding works and how it brings value

      6 hr

      Upon Request
    • Let's find out what empowers you to stand out and leave a lasting impr...

      1 hr 30 min




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