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Meet Charlie

Wassup Workin' Momma! I'm a workin' momma just like you - read on to find out more about me and what I do! And get ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, reclaim your confidence, and create a life that truly reflects your beautiful spirit!

I'm Charlie...

and I'm not your average life coach.

I'm your cheerleader, confidante, and personal growth partner. A working mom of 12 years and armed with over 100 hours of experience coaching amazing women like you. I've seen firsthand the magic that happens when you tap into your potential and let your light shine. Are you ready to ignite that spark within you? 


I Get It - Working Mom Life is a Wild Ride.
And cup noodles isn't always going to make it go away


Charlie stealing a moment in the car with her Nissin Cup Noodles

Being a working mom is like being a superhero, juggling a million things at once while still trying to find time for yourself. I understand the challenges, the struggles, and the occasional desire to hide in a closet with a tub of ice cream or in my case, piping hot Nissin cup noodles.

This is my confession: I'm a recovering perfectionist who turned into a sleep-deprived detective, reading 11 baby books like they were thrilling crime novels, trying to crack the code for perfect child behaviour and sleep. Spoiler alert: the plot twists were never-ending!

So listen, this Workin' Momma of 12 years gets it. And you may relate to any of the following:

  • Parental leave dilemma: Torn between not wanting to leave my adorable munchkins and desperately craving a conversation that didn't involve nursery rhymes or baby talk. Can I get an adulting medal, please?

  • Guilt-trip: Feeling guilty for wanting some "me time"? Oh boy, the mommy guilt is like a master's degree in feeling bad about feeling bad. Can someone pass me the tissue and a big scoop of chocolate guilt-free ice cream?

  • The return-to-work dance: Doubting my skills, questioning my identity outside of being a mother,wondering if my brain turned into mush during diaper changes, and questioning if my colleagues would still see me as the witty, talented superstar I know I am. Cue the imposter syndrome orchestra!

Sound's hilariously relatable doesn't it? My point - I've been there. And guess what? You're not alone, and you don't have to walk this journey by yourself.


Whether you're about to embark on the adventure of parental leave or gearing up for the grand return to work after a baby break or sabbatical, fear not! The Made for More coaching programme is designed to tackle those pesky pain points head on and give you a jumpstart in self-awareness and confidence.


Get ready to rock that transition with ease and a sprinkle of fabulousness!

I am a master of the art of the unapologetic 'no'.
- Workin' Mommas everywhere -



Let's flip the script and talk about why I want to work with YOU. 

  1. I believe that you are fearfully and wonderfully made - created with special care and attention, with worthy talents and gifts.

  2. I've been there, done that - I'm a work-in-progress working mom myself!

  3. I've experienced the transformative power of coaching, and living authentically has boosted my confidence in every role I play – mom, wife, entrepreneur, and just being me.

  4. You could use a fellow working mom by our side, cheering us on and witnessing our triumphs and messes, all without an ounce of judgment. I want to help other working moms experience this life-giving transformation in their own lives


Who could benefit from coaching with me?

Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your mind, body, and soul. It's not for everyone but it's what some people would need - some people like going to the gym, others like reading self-help books, and some others like watching workout videos.


Personally, I've tried all of those things, but I found that having a coach who keeps me accountable and calls me out on my BS was exactly what I needed to stop with the "should've would've could'ves" and start living my best life.

What's it like being me?

I'm living my best life when I am embracing authenticity, make deep connections, and have plenty of room for playfulness and spontaneity. It's all about creating memorable moments with loved ones, whether it's tandem zip-lining across the beach or simply having a laid-back card game while enjoying the ocean breeze.

What kind of coach am I?

I'm a no-nonsense-pretty-badass-pompom-waving-truth-telling cheerleader kind of coach.

I'm also a strong advocate for 'try before you buy. So...if this sounds like music to your ears, book a 90-min complimentary Clarity Call with me! You get a full coaching experience and the opportunity to ask any questions.

Why work with me?

Chilling by the beach

Charlie chillin' with her fam at the park

Hear from a Workin' Momma

"What truly sets Charlotte apart is her unwavering commitment to my wellbeing. She was and is one of my biggest cheerleaders, supporting me during moments of doubt and celebrating my achievements along the way. Her genuine belief in my potential, combined with their passion, knowledge and dedication, unlocked confidence within me that permeates now in every aspect of my life.
I wholeheartedly recommend Charlotte to anyone seeking guidance, inspiration, and profound personal growth. Her expertise, compassion, and unwavering support create an empowering and transformative experience that transcends traditional coaching. She has provided me with the necessary tools and mindset to continue thriving in every aspect of my life, even through hardship. I am forever grateful for the transformative impact she has had on my life, and I blindly trust and recommend her services to anyone ready to embark on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery."

Daniele Bianchini, Workin' Momma of 2

Working Mom
Pink Sea_edited.jpg

Coaching Plans
Through coaching we will uncover what truly lights you up, what makes your heart sing, and what drains your energy faster than a toddler on a sugar rush. Get ready to embrace your unique superpowers, because once you do, there's no stopping you!


Created for Greatness

6 sessions over 3 months

  • Best for targeted focus on 1 - 2 areas of your life where you'd like to see positive change in

  • 6 sessions held over 3 months, once every 2 weeks

  • To explore your greatness through:

    • Better mental clarity

    • Increased self-awareness

    • Reducing anxiety and stress​


Rooted in Strength

12 sessions over 6 months

  • Best for consistent and longer term support on 2 - 3 areas of your life you'd like to see positive change in

  • 12 sessions held over 6 months, once every 2 weeks

  • To create sustained growth through:

    • Better mental clarity

    • Sustained mental wellbeing

    • Increased self-confidence

Ready to Rock & Roll?

Book a 90-min complimentary Clarity Call with me!

If you prefer a different timing, drop me a note at and we'll work something out.


What is Coaching anyway?

This is how I roll...

Coaching is like having a personal cheerleader who helps you become the best version of yourself. It's all about guiding you towards the changes you want and cheering you on as you go in the direction you desire. With coaching, you have someone by your side, empowering you to be who you want to be. It's all about gaining awareness, making choices, and embracing positive transformation.

Through 3 coaching sessions, we will work together to unlock any 'stuckness' in your thoughts and feelings to take you to a fulfilled place, where you are at choice and experiencing life wholly.

Still have some questions? Check out the FAQs

Effects of Coaching

Book a Clarity Call

Experience a full coaching session and the opportunity to ask any questions on a

90-min complimentary Clarity Call with me!

If you prefer a different timing, drop me a note at and we'll work something out.

Frequently Asked Questions



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